Holistic approach to health with inspiration from Ayurveda

Sara Azizi

Hatha Yoga Teacher/Hot Yoga/Pranayama
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
Holistic Addiction Medicine Counsellor/SUGAR® Specialist
Master of Science in Pharmacology/Pharmacist

My story

I experienced different type of trauma during childhood and my teenage years. There was so many heavy emotions that I never knew how to handle so they ended bottled up in my body and soul. As a coping mechanism I disassociated from my body and soul to conduct my life only from my head space. This worked for 20 years of my adult life until things slowly started to fall appart. During this time I have been ‘diagnosed’ with many labels including PTSD, C-PTSD, depression, fibromyalgia and exhaustion/burnout. Because I was so disconnected from myself, I spend most of my adult life in a war with my body, constantly dieting to lose weight.
I didn’t realise that my weight was the way my body was protecting me from all the pain, trauma and anger that it was holding on to. This culminated with bariatric surgery 11 years ago. I had very high hopes about the operation and simply thought that the happiness I was searching for would come with the surgery and my weight loss. Little did I know that my real healing journey was just beginning – after the bariatric surgery – but not the way I intended. The weight came off rather quick, I lost about 40 kg within 1,5-2 years after surgery. But I found myself emotionally, mentally and physically declining and I hit my health-rock bottom 6 years after the operation. My life literally changed when I read Bitten Jonssons book ‘Sugar bomb in your brain 3.0’ and attended a 4-day program with her.
I realised that I had developed an addiction to sugar and that this had been the underlying issue all along. This awareness became my rebirth and the first step of many towards optimal health. Once I eliminated sugar/flour from my diet and detoxed my body through a biochemical repair, my brain fog started to lift and as if I just woke up I could now SEE, innerstand and embody myself body, mind and soul. I also found yoga and ayurveda, the two go hand-in-hand. With ayurveda I finally remembered the connection our body and organs have with our mind and soul. Everything is connected and as the saying goes, as within so without.

Sara Azizi About me


My vision is for every person to reconnect with their inner power, authenticity and to thrive in life.


My mission is to be of service and a signpost, to guide you back to you as a whole being, body, mind and soul. Your life is your medicine.

What I offer…

Guiding you to your own autonomy
Longterm health
Considering body, mind and soul
Individual guidance

What I move away from…

Keeping you coming back for my support
Short term solutions
Separating body from mind and soul
Offering ‘one-fits-all’ solutions

My method

True healing begins with awareness. When we know better we’ll do better. So I’ll point you in the direction of remembering who you are. The knowledge is there in all of us. We just need to become aware and remember. What does this mean exactly? That we have to consider all of a human being, some of us need to work on the physical/body, some of need to work on soul/spirit, some of us need to work on emotion/energy and most of us need to work on all. We have to take a step-by-step approach and consider that the human being is the most complex and sophisticated being there is. Everything is interconnected, the food we eat, the water we drink, the interactions we have on a day-to-day basis. During a consultation we take an inventory of your life considering all of above and I’ll guide you on what could benefit you going forward. Sometimes this involves foodplan, supplementation, meditation and yoga. Other times you may need support through different therapies in which case I’ll refer you to skilled professionals.

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