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Welcome to a space all about holistic health. Your life and your way of living is your medicine.
Every single thing you put into your body has an effect. Make your choices wisely.

Fully organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free health products in the purest form, CYMBIOTIKA!

Organic vitamins and supplements are significantly different than synthetic and artificially made substances. At the most basic level, organic health products are sourced (without pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides) from organic food products and elements that are naturally found in the environment around us. On the other hand, synthetic vitamins are created artificially and man-made in a lab.

Cymbiotika commits to providing customers with organic supplements that are unmatched in terms of organic quality. This company believes that supplements should be sourced from natural and organic origins to provide you with maximized benefits of each product. When you incorporate organic supplements into your diet, your body not only absorbs the product more successfully, but you are also introducing the supplement to your system in a less harsh manner. 

This is why SAAYYA has chosen to work with Cymbiotika. 

Adding Organic Health Supplements Into Your Diet

The best part about Cymbiotika’s natural health products is that they seamlessly fit into your day-to-day routine. Simply adding your daily dose of vitamin C to your water, or drizzling a superfood-filled and chocolate-flavoured mushroom blend over fresh fruit can make all the difference in how you look and feel.

Ready to start transforming your life from the inside out and further supplement your health? Browse Cymbiotika’s wide selection of supplements to find exactly what your body needs. With products for each aspect of your wellbeing, you can be sure that no matter what supplements you choose to incorporate, you are getting the most natural and pure form of that supplement from Cymbiotika.

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If you are struggling with your health and would like to be coached please make an appointment with me. You can choose the type of coaching that best fits your needs by clicking ‘book an appointment’ below. 

  • Välkommen till Hälsan dag på lördag 23 sept kl 10-16 i Gustavsbergs hamn. Du kan ta del av erbjudanden som gäller endast denna dag för behandlingar, rådgivning och yoga. Hoppas vi ses! @varmdo_yogacenter
  • When we go through an awakening often we become aware of things like law of attraction, how energy works and such. This brings our body and mind to a state of relaxation when we realise that we are held by the universe. This maybe the first time our body can exit from a fight and flight mode to experience the state of rest and digest. The challenge here is not to get stuck in rest and digest mode. Once again we need to remember that everything is about homeostasis, balance. If we don’t take action, if we don’t practise what we preach, energy becomes stagnant and non-moving. Set your intention, ask the universe for what you want, be still and listen. Connect with your soul and intuition. Once you are in the ‘knowsis’, when you are shown the next step it’s time to act, to practice and move in the intended direction. #selfedevelopment #selfsevelopmenttools #awakening #selfhealers #fightandflight #restanddigest #intuition #intentionalaction #lawofattraction  Pic from @davidavocadowolfe
  • When we listen and connect with our breath, when breathing becomes conscious, it is all the guidance we need. #yoga #yogateacher #camelpose #ustrasana #breath #howyogaworks
  • #pranayama #pranayamabreathing #kapalabhati #nadishodana #bhramari #breathewithme #prana #andning #andningspaus #andningsmeditation #yoga #selfhealers #värmdöyogacenter #värmdöyoga
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  • The organic matcha powder from Cymbiotika is finally in stock 🍵 This is ceremonial grade matcha from Kagoshima, Japan. Matcha improves focus and concentration. It also enhances energy and combats premature aging 💪🏽 #matcha #matchalatte #cymbiotika #selfhealers #calmenergy #liquidgold

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